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Loving Female Led Relationships

Welcome to ClubFEM® South Florida!

The Ladies of ClubFEM® South Florida enjoy the company of strong, successful and intelligent Alpha males who willingly engage in a Power Exchange with a strong Dominant Woman.

We are a private upscale membership club devoted to building and enhancing Loving Female Led Relationships between Dominant Women and the men who worship and adore them. What is a Female Led Relationship? Here’s an explanation according to Wikipedia:  In order to provide privacy and protection for ClubFEM® members we require that all prospective members complete an application and agree to a criminal background check. Membership information can be found on our Membership page.

Only members of ClubFEM® Southeast Florida who have completed the membership application process have access to private party details and it is expected that such information is kept confidential. Those who are in the process of completing their membership application are invited to attend dinners, high tea, social events and may RSVP and purchase tickets for these events.

We have an incredible group of people who are members and you’ll want to check back often for updates to our website. While ClubFEM® is solely for Female Dominants and the men who worship, serve and adore them, we respect others and their fetishes even if we don’t participate in them. We are continually planning some wonderful events for all of our members.

ClubFEM® South Florida hosts a monthly dinner and discussion for members and guests. First time guests should remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and you should always do your best to present yourself in the best possible manner. Timeliness is important, as are manners and proper dress. We are an exclusive upscale group and if you wish to petition for membership, you should be prepared to present yourself as such. Think of ClubFEM® South Florida as the Country Club Organization for Female Led Relationships, we hold ourselves to higher standards and potential applicants should be prepared to rise up to meet them.

Geographically, ‘Southeast Florida’ covers the East Coast of Florida from Key West to past Jupiter. This is too immense an area for one Headmistress to cover and makes it difficult for members in far-reaching areas to attend events.


In accordance, International Head Mistress Ella Strictland, founder of Club FEM, and Head Mistress of ClubFEM Houston, Head Mistress Emeritus Lady Qitara (Lady Q), Head Mistress Lady Pamela and Head Mistress Laurent have concurred to expand ClubFEM South Florida into two Chapters:


ClubFEM of the Palm Beaches, Head Mistress Lady Pamela

ClubFEM Southeast Florida, Head Mistress Laurent

In addition, both Chapters will convene every other month so no scheduling conflicts will ensue! Some members will want to stay in their own area and others will want to go to all activities! Choices!


We have the ability to host special events, commitment ceremonies, love renewals, etc. We do have a Domina who has the legal rights to perform these ceremonies, including marriage. These events, of course are invite only private events and attendance is limited to the desires of the person who is hosting the event.

If you’d like information on an upcoming event, see our Contact page for email addresses for both Chapters.

ClubFEM® South Florida is a drama free zone. It is quite simple, if you create drama, you will not be a member.


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