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ClubFEMSEFlorida Membership Requirements:


Minimum age is 21 years old


ClubFEM is a friendly, social, yet private group.  We have high standards in place to further the interests of our membership and promote activities in our chosen Lifestyle. Members are chosen for their like mindedness, character, social acuity and loyalty, among other festive traits. 


Existing members will always take preference over incoming members and if a conflict of any sort, benign though it may be, presents itself, membership will not be offered.


Our members embrace participation.  This is a Lifestyle group and cannot be lead nor taken on only by one person or part of the collective group.


As indicated, one of the core principals of ClubFEMSEFlorida is that of protecting our members and the integrity of the organization. We value our privacy highly and many of our members have professional lives that they depend on our discretion. We all have vanilla lives and everyone is expect to respect and honor the privacy of this group.



  • To be considered for membership, you must attend at least 2 ClubFEM South Florida Socials or Events so we can get to know you. Our Open Socials and Events will be announced on this site and ClubFEM South Florida on Fetlife. 


  • By completing an application and submitting it for review, applicants agree to a criminal background check. In the criminal background check, what we care most about are crimes related to violence, stalking, harrasment, crimes against women or children. There is application donation of $30.00 to cover the expense and time required for criminal background check and ClubFEM membership. This donation will be fully reimbursed should membership not be extended. Once the needed information is used for the background check, it will be shredded.  


  • Completing an application and background check, as well as an interview, does not automatically guarantee an invite to any ClubFEM® events or private party.  Decisions about membership are made by the ClubFEM Advisory Committee. Once an application is received, along with a recent photo, a Board member will contact each applicant for a telephone interview and arrange for an in-person interview.


  • In order to be considered an active member, we expect participation throughout the year. This does not mean you are required to attend every single event, however we do expect to see you at a dinner at least once every quarter. We are very aware that life happens and it is impossible to be all places at all times, however if you are going to join this organization, active participation is expected.


  • Membership may be revoked at any time by a majority vote of the Advisory Committee.


  • There will be a donation jar at each ClubFEM event. Funds collected go to club's expenses such as the web site, web hosting, flyers, printing costs, etc., party supplies and play space rental. 


  • ClubFEM members of other chapters in good standings may contact the Head Mistress of other chapters and may request to attend socials and events.  


If you are in need of further assistance or have a question, please email us at the address below;


To apply, please download and fill out the appropriate form below, and email it with your letter of introduction and a picture of your face to the HeadMistress for your area.

Contact the SE FLorida's chapter's Head Mistress Laurent at:

Contact the Head Mistress of the Palm Beaches, Lady Pamela at:


To stay in better contact with the local and state members and events announcements:


The main ClubFEM International website:  ClubFEM International


I encourage anyone interested in a ClubFEM chapter and current events to also encouraged to join


ClubFEM International Fet group:  ClubFEM;


ClubFEM Florida Fet group; ClubFEMFlorida 


ClubFEM  SE Florida Fet Group:


Click this link to download the CLubFEM   Application. Send it and your letter of introduction to our email:


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