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ClubFEM South Florida Party Rules

ClubFEM® members agree to be in the Dominant woman and male submissive roles exclusively at ClubFEM® parties and events.

Doors open at 8pm and close promptly at 8:30pm. This is not an occasion to be fashionably late.


Once the doors close, no one will be there to open it for you as we’ll all be having a good time in the main room! If you are going to be late, it is expected that you will make prior arrangements for someone to wait for you. As with all events, if you have RSVP’d, and you are a no-show, it is seriously frowned upon and considered to be disrespectful and a serious infraction for both men and women. At the very least send a text to the organizer and let them know you will not be attending and as soon as possible a phone call or letter expressing apologies. It’s just good manners!

There is no requirement for Dominas or subs to engage in BDSM play (scenes). Although some may choose to play, many attend parties to socialize and learn techniques by watching others. Members are not obligated to engage in any form of play without consent and prior negotiation.

Males are to behave respectfully to all Females at all times. (This should be a no-brainer)

All ClubFEM® Gentlemen are expected to bring an attitude of service and should be willing to assist with set-up, bring and serve refreshments, assist with clean-up and treat all others respectfully.

Men are to address Women as Ma’am or other proper titles as designated by each Domina.

Dominant attire for Ladies may include leather, latex, vinyl, modest lingerie and/or black clothing, or anything else you feel fabulous and Dominant in!

Attire for our Gentlemen also may be leather, latex or black clothing. Men will keep their outer garments on until commanded by a female with whom they have pre-negotiated with to take off any article of clothing she wishes. We have no desire to have naked men running around with their body parts flapping about.

Under those outer garments, thongs or panties or black panties are appropriate. Fetish or cross-dressed outfits are also allowed. No  boxers or tighty-whitey underwear!

Boxer shorts and men’s briefs are not considered appropriate attire under any circumstances.

Owned or partnered men will wear attire, including collar or not, as instructed by their Goddess.  Dominas who wish to make their subs available for play with other Dominas will negotiate the play.

All guests are to refrain from touching or commanding a collared slave without his partners permission. There are no sexual activities permitted at a party or event.

Any single men who wish to be available to Dominas for servitude or BDSM play scenes will wear a pink wrist band, or pink ribbon, which they will bring to the event. However, wearing pink does not guarantee that a Domina will play, nor does it obligate a slave to engage in play and certainly does not negate the need to negotiate a scene. Negotiations are always encouraged between parties.

People are expected to act in a sane and consensual manner at all ClubFEM® parties and events.

No cameras allowed at any time. We understand that your cell phone might be important and if you need to make or take a call, you are expected to step out into the foyer. Texting while at the play party is strictly prohibited. You are expected to be present in the moment, not distracted by your phone.

Impairment by alcohol or drugs is not permitted. People who are impaired will be asked to leave. No illegal substances are allowed at ClubFEM® parties and events.

Safewords or gestures are to be used at all ClubFEM® activities. Suggested safewords are:

“green” = within limits
“yellow” = close to limits (proceed carefully)
“red” = over limits (stop immediately)

Safety is the number one concern, particularly when with a new submissive. Other personal safewords may be used as long as they are communicated beforehand. When it is not possible to use a safeword, some type of gesture should be agreed upon.

Respect for the play space is important and play stations must be cleaned after play. Respect for others in a scene and their personal space should be respected.

Toys and furniture should be wiped down and cleaned by the submissive they were used on.

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