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Things Gentlemen Do Without Thinking


1. Open doors – Even if it means walking quickly for the last couple of steps before reaching the door. Open it AND HOLD IT OPEN for anyone within reasonable vicinity to walk through. Show that your sphere of politeness extends to people you may not know.

2. Remember details – names, dates and people. After a conversation, make a list in your phone. Make a Google Calendar reminder for anything significant. Take notes after about her favorite flower, color, type of pasta, TV show, and anything else that is relevant to her (even if it doesn’t seem relevant to you).

3. Put your phone away – At dinner turn it off. This goes for women too. It is okay to check out from the Facebook, Email, Text message world and only pay attention to someone else. In other words, BE PRESENT with who you are interacting with. Anytime food is present your phone should be OFF or on Silent. During movies, dates, picnics, walks in the park, etc. don’t let push notifications get in the way of what could and should be a special moment. Make memories, dang it!

4. Give up your jacket – Rain, cold, wind, fog, whatever. If someone else is cold, be a man and give him or her your coat, even if it is only temporary (waiting for the train or standing in line for tickets). The tiny gesture go a long way towards improving humanity.

5. Speak eloquently – Both in person and text/email. Take pride in elevated grammar. It pays off in the long run. Regardless your age ‘swag’ is not on the list of qualities that makes someone “husband material.”

6. Keep promises – Big and small. Fixing the sink and mowing the yard are key day-to-day things to follow through on. Never turning your back on someone and being emotionally available are promises that are sometimes tougher. But gentlemen keep their word. They keep their promises.

7. Show compassion – To elderly, children, animals, coworkers, strangers, environment and everything else. Having a strong but kind heart towards others is a true sign that you’re a good human being.

8. Send flowers – For special occasions or just because you want to do something special. Flowers are THE classic way to show that you care. Send Mother’s Day flowers. Send birthday flowers. It doesn’t matter when and you definitely don’t need a reason.

9. Surprise often – Among everything, random acts of kindness can turn someone’s day around. Give Mom a call out of the blue. Surprise your girlfriend at the office with flowers. Make surprise dinner reservations at his favorite restaurant. Plan a weekend trip without telling her, then come Friday have a bag packed and whisk her away for a romantic weekend!

10. Say Thank You – Send thank you notes, write thank you emails or make a thank you phone call. The art of saying Thank You has been lost, in ClubFEM we love our men to be Gentlemen and expect them to behave in such a manner, to all others, at all times.

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